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Acrylic Homopolymer

Acrylic Homopolymer
Acuro's Acrylic Homopolymer is low molecular weight poly-acrylic homopolymer. It inhibits deposition of CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4 and other low solubility scale forming salts by threshold effect.It also has excellent hardness chelation capabilities and is used as a chelating polymer in textile auxiliaries. ACUPOL 41 shows good activity over a wide range of pH, hardness and temperature without precipitation. Apart from thermal and hydrolytic stability, product has good stability to oxidizing agent like chlorine.

Acrylic Terpolymer

Acrylic Terpolymer
Acuro's Acrylic Terpolymer is a multi-functional ter-polymer for water treatment applications. Its features include control over precipitation of silica, calcium phosphate, silicates; dispersion of clay, silt and other suspended solids. 

Polymaleic Acid

Polymaleic Acid
ACUPOL PM 200 is low molecular weight maleic homopolymer. It is a highly effective dispersant and scale inhibitor in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, reverse osmosis systems and many other scale control applications such as in textile dyeing, water injection systems in oil fields and sugar mill evaporators.ACUPOL PM 200 is excellent for controlling CaCO3 and CaSO4 scale formation under aggressive conditions. Due to its high threshold effect and crystal distortion properties, scales formed in presence of PM 200 tend to be highly distorted and are easily washed away by flow of water. ACUPOL PM 200 is characterized by its low polydispersity and low residual monomer content. ACUPOL PM 200 is thermally stable, stable to chlorine and oxidizing biocides at normal use levels.
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