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Iron Removal Media

Katalox Light Iron Removal Media

Katalox Light Iron Removal Media

Approx. Rs 300 / Kg

Katalox Light® is a new brand of revolutionary advanced filtration media completely developed in Germany.
Katalox-Light® Removal methods:1. Mechanical Filtration (fine particles, TSS, Turbidity etc.)2. Catalytic precipitation and sorption (Fe, Mn, Cu, Pb etc.)3. Adsorbtion (flocculant formation and adsorption of As, Heavy Metals, Radionuclides)
Features :
• Very high surface area
• High MnO2 coating (10%)
• Contains NO crystalline Silica
• No mandatory dosing required
• Light weight media - saves backwash water

Birm Media

Birm Media
We are offering high quality of Best Iron Removal Media (BIRM).Birm Media is an economical and efficient filtration media designed to reduce dissolved iron and manganese compounds from water supplies.

Specification :


Bulk Density

700 kg/m3

Mesh Size

10 x 40

Effective Size

0.48 mm

• This media may be used in either pressurized or gravity fed water treatment systems
• Birm® acts as an insoluble catalyst to boost the reaction between dissolved oxygen (D.O.) and iron compounds
• Media Regeneration is not required
• Iron removal efficiency is very high

Manganese Green Sand

Manganese Green Sand

Approx. Rs 37 / Kg

Manganese Green Sand is capable of reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration.About Manganese Greensand Iron Reduction Media Filters Manganese Green sand is formulated from a glauconite green sand which is capable of reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration. When the oxidizing capacity power of the Manganese Green sand bed is exhausted, the bed has to be regenerated with a weak potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution.
Advantages of Manganese Greensand Filters:
• Iron reduction over wide pH range
• Effective reduction of hydrogen sulfide in addition to iron and/or manganese
• No harmful effects from a chlorine feed
• Low attrition for long bed life
• Manganese Greensand Operating Limits:
• Maximum Water Temperature: 80°F (26.7°C)
• pH Range: 6.2 to 8.5

MnO2 - Manganese Dioxide

MnO2 - Manganese Dioxide
We are a leading manufacturer, trader and Supplier of Manganese Dioxide Powder. We offer superior grade manganese dioxide at cheapest wholesale prices.
Applications:1. Useful for water filtration2. Widely used in Water Treatment applications.3. Used for filtration of oil and lubricants.
Physical Properties:
•Odor : Odorless free flowing fine powder
•Color : Grayish Black
•Particle Size : 100 Mesh 98% passing300 Mesh 98% passing (or As per your requirement)
•Specific Gravity : 3.50 to 4.00
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